A Big Week in Bradford

It seems that this week, I will be popping up all over Bradford like a meerkat.  (Apologies to those of a nervous disposition!)  Several things have coincided at once, which is no bad thing.  Here's where I shall be:

  1. Wednesday 5th October: I may well appear in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, as publicity for event #2. At any rate, I was photographed for it this afternoon.
  2. Thursday 6th October: It's National Poetry Day!  Along with a whole group of other people (mostly poets) I helped Bradford Libraries put together a poetry film, which will be shown on the big screen in Bradford City Park, as well as on YouTube.  I am reading one of the many poems from The Lord of the Rings, which seemed appropriate to my identity as a fantasy writer. (And a fitting thanks for how I began my career, as a LOTR fanfic writer).
  3. Friday 7th October: I will be reading three of my stories at the Wild Woods Bradford Launch Party.  This is a wonderful creative initiative, which begins in Bradford this weekend, to coincide with the Forest of Light in City Park.  An entire magical wood has been created, both outdoors in Darley Street, and indoors in the old Marks & Spenser's building, to play host to a whole series of creative happenings.  Friday's event will include opera, origami, live bands, installations and food - and that's just for starters.  Plus, its free!! 

          I'll be reading three fantastical tales: "Midnight in the Garden of Light" (inspired by the Forest of Light), "Reve/Revival" (from The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2) and "The Lost Children of Lorenwald."  

Hopefully, pictures and links will follow!


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