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Tales from the Hidden Grove

Coming soon to an eBook store near you... Tales from the Hidden Grove Elizabeth Hopkinson has had over 60 short fantasy stories published. Now for the first time, 12 of them have been collected in this charming slim volume. Booksellers and emperors learn to fly, fairies deliver the milk, and horses, knitting needles and the Houses of Parliament are not what they seem. Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always imaginative, this book will take you into the magical world of an author Black Pear Press called: "Amongst the finest short story writers in the UK right now. " This book also contains the previously unpublished "Paper Prince", and a brief "About the Stories" describing the inspiration behind each of them. It will soon become available on iBooks, Kobo, Amazon etc.  But if you can't wait for that, you can buy it direct at:  Here I really hope you like it.  There are stories that have previously appeared in the likes of Byzarium, Vitali

Have You Heard the Whispers..?

Just to let you know, I now have a subscriber-only newsletter, Whispers from the Hidden Grove . Subscribers receive updates about my books, stories and author events straight into their email inbox. If you would like to subscribe, just click on this link.  There are exciting things afoot, including a new short story collection... Listen out for those whispers!