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More books under 220 pages: a response

I read a blog post this morning that I simply had to respond to. 101 books under 220 pages by Mols.  She listed some great books: some of which I've read, some of which I've heard of, and some which just sound intriguing. So, I thought I would make a blog of my own, in a similar style, listing some other books of under 220 pages. This is of especial interest to me, since my own book of  Asexual Fairy Tales  comes it at 132 pages, and I'm now crowdfunding a second volume. However, I decided to limit the list below to books that don't feature my work. I hope you find lots here to enjoy! Poetry Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by Simon Armitage (114 pages)                    This story, first told in the late fourteenth century, is one of the most enthralling, enigmatic and beloved poems in the English language. Simon Armitage's version is meticulously responsive to the tact, sophistication and dramatic intensity of the original. It is as if,