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The Next Big Thing - Cage of Nightingales

I have been invited by poet Gwyneth Box to participate in web-linking project, The Next Big Thing, in which writers from different countries and genres answer the same ten questions about a work in progress. Gwyneth's answers are here .  She writes great poetry: I loved her interactive book of haiku and fragments Poems from the Pueblo , and her new collection Around the Corner from Hope Street sounds interesting. Anyway, since I've answered a lot of questions about Silver Hands recently, I thought this would be a great chance to talk about my current novel project Cage of Nightingales .  So here goes: What is the working title of your book? Cage of Nightingales. It will hopefully be the first book in the Angelio Trilogy. Where did the idea come from for the book? Some time ago, I had a dream in the form of an anime, about a flute-playing boy and a girl who was paralysed from the waist downwards. I left the notes in a book, along with the idea of writing an

Introducing... Taro (aka Lord Shimatani)

A Japanese noble with a generous spirit Born: Edo (?) around the year 1688.  Presently 19 years old and living half the year in his ancestral home of Tokushiro, the other half in Edo. Family: father (the previous Lord Shimatani) is deceased.  Mother and younger sister, O-matsu, are hostages in Edo.  Elder sister is married to another noble.  Also has uncles and several cousins with whom he frequently associates. Occupation: feudal lord. Skills: horsemanship, falconry, swordsmanship, poetry, calligraphy.   Interests: He is a patron of the arts and keeps several artists employed in his home.  Also interested in making his estate more productive.  Enjoys a game of go .  Takes an active interest in the design of his gardens. He can seem distant and formal because of his position, but is in fact a warm and kindhearted person who wants to do the best for all those in his care.  He has natural authority and is fair and competent in running his estate.  When he says he will make somethi