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The Anne Lister Pilgrimage

A few weeks ago, I walked the Anne Lister Pilgrimage in Halifax . This is a self-guided walk, going from Halifax Minster to Shibden Hall and back, with “pauses for thought” along the way, relating to Anne’s life and faith. This is my first pilgrimage since becoming a member of the Community of Aidan & Hilda , and I did it on the last day of Pride Month, wearing my Gentleman Jack T-shirt.  I quite like the idea of a pilgrimage devoted to someone not known for being a saint. We’re aware of her faults. (All those seductions! Acting like a typical Tory landowner.) But we can also see her trying to genuinely engage with the Divine, as the person she was. Here are a few pictures: Someone left this encouraging message along the way. The Halifax Beacon. The thought below goes with it. I love that there is more than one Permissive Path. Destination reached! I’m not sweaty, I’m not sweaty…