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Margaret's Voyage - An Update

Back in October, I launched Margaret's Voyage .  Four copies of Silver Hands were sent out into the world, with instructions for those who received it to read, sign and pass it on.  But not before sharing a photo on Twitter, telling us where in the world they were.  At the same time, I encouraged readers around the world to share their pictures too. And the pictures have been coming in!  Here are some of the places Margaret has visited so far...     A very short voyage, within my home village of Clayton. Canton Berne, Switzerland. A voyage along England's south coast from Tavistock to Wallingford... ...and onwards to Ferndown. Sparkling in the German capital, Berlin. The university town of Cambridge, UK. And Kalasin, Thailand, from whence to New Zealand. I can't wait to see where Margaret will end up next.  So, readers all, post up your photos, and don't forget to use the hashtag, #MargaretsVoyage.