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A Big Week in Bradford (2)

As promised, here is an update on my Big Week in Bradford: Here is my photo from the T&A, publicising the National Poetry Day film, with two of the other readers/writers. Here is a link to the film, with all the poems: And here I am, reading in the moon at The Wild Wood. Until next time!

A Big Week in Bradford

It seems that this week, I will be popping up all over Bradford like a meerkat.  (Apologies to those of a nervous disposition!)  Several things have coincided at once, which is no bad thing.  Here's where I shall be: Wednesday 5th October: I may well appear in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, as publicity for event #2. At any rate, I was photographed for it this afternoon. Thursday 6th October: It's National Poetry Day!  Along with a whole group of other people (mostly poets) I helped Bradford Libraries put together a poetry film, which will be shown on the big screen in Bradford City Park, as well as on YouTube .  I am reading one of the many poems from The Lord of the Rings , which seemed appropriate to my identity as a fantasy writer. (And a fitting thanks for how I began my career, as a LOTR fanfic writer). Friday 7th October: I will be reading three of my stories at the Wild Woods Bradford Launch Party.  This is a wonderful creative initiative, which begins in