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Silver Hands - Hidden Japan Part I

Last time, I promised you a tour of historical sites in Japan that relate to my research when writing my historical fantasy novel, Silver Hands.  However, when I looked at my scapbook of my trip to Japan with Oku Japan (formerly Oxalis Holidays)  in 2011, I realised there's far too much to fit into one blog.  So I'm dividing it into two parts.  This is the first. The first place I'd like to mention is Kiyosumi Gardens in Tokyo.  It was one of the first places I visited in Japan and I instantly felt, "This is Taro's garden!"  There was even a man in a kimono sitting on the veranda to the tea house you can see in the picture.  The garden was originally part of the residence of Edo period business magnate , Kinokuniya Bunzaemon, and later (1716-1736) part of the Edo residence of the Lord of Sekiyado castle.  So extremely appropriate for Silver Hands.  I can definitely picture Margaret and Taro walking here. Another site is Matsumoto Castle.  This w