Launching Margaret's Voyage - A Giveaway With a Twist

In Silver Hands, Margaret goes on a voyage that takes her from the English coast to the East Indies, feudal Japan and beyond the Edge of the Map.  To celebrate that, I'm launching a special giveaway that will send Silver Hands on a voyage of its own.  Who knows where it might end up?

This is how it will work.  I have two copies of Silver Hands to give away.  I will send them to two randomly chosen followers, regardless of where they live in the world.  (If you live beyond the Edge of the Map, that could be tricky, so we'll limit it to non-magical countries! 😉)  It will then be your turn to give the book away to a person of your choice.  They will then give it away to a person of their choice.  And so on and so on.  The idea is to get these two copies of Silver Hands on the longest voyages possible.  

The book will arrive with a special message inside the front cover, welcoming you to Margaret's Voyage.  Read the book.  (I hope you enjoy it!)  Then comes the important part:

1. Sign your name in the cover, along with where you live. That way, future readers can see how far the book has travelled.

2. Take a picture of yourself with the book.  For example, here's a picture of me with Silver Hands in Lincoln.  If you don't want to include yourself, just take a picture of the book in an interesting setting!

3. Post the picture to Twitter, using my Twitter handle @hidden_grove and the hashtag #MargaretsVoyage.  Tell us where you are!  

4. Pass the book along to the next intrepid reader!

Rules for entering the giveaway
To enter, put something in the comments box on this blog.  Not on Twitter or Facebook etc.  This might seem mean, but unless I do it this way, it becomes very difficult to keep track of who has entered.
The giveaway will run until 19:00 GMT on Saturday 3rd October,  I will announce the two lucky winners in the comments to this blog, and invite them to email me their postal addresses.  If a winner fails to supply a valid postal address, they will be discounted and I will pick another winner in their place.  The books will be sent via recorded mail, using the normal postal service.  This means they may take a while to get to some countries, but should arrive.  If the book doesn't arrive after a reasonable amount of time, please contact me at, and I will chase it up.

That's all.  Good luck!


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