Steampunk in Haworth

I don't know about you, but I do like a bit of steampunk.  I've written a few steampunk stories in my time, including The Marvellous Machine and Sense of Duty.  But I've never actually been to a steampunk event until today, when I decided to pay a visit to Haworth Steampunk Weekend.  It was a great chance to get free entertainment, shop for Christmas presents, and walk round one of my favourite local tourist spots in one of my (many) more flamboyant outfits, and still feel underdressed!

Unbelievably for Haworth in November, it was nice enough to eat lunch outdoors, while being serenaded by a band that included a sousaphone.  (Nobody can be uncheered by a sousaphone).  There was a craft fair, as well as all the usual Howorth shops.  But the best fun was to be had looking at people's outfits, which ranged from a mere nod towards steampunk fashion to fantastic creations that had obviously taken a lot of time and money to make.  One lady had a dress that was entirely printed with passages from Wuthering Heights.  There were also all sorts of gadgets, gizmos, cog wheels, goggles, mad hatters, brass accoutrements, corsets and boots.  I don't know what Emily, Charlotte or Anne would have made of the day, but I bet Branwell would have loved it! 


If you fancy a bit more steampunk in your weekend, I will be highlighting steampunk short animation Invention of Love on Silver Petticoat Review very soon.


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