Mythical May: A Picture Journal

 The “Merry month of May” has been filled with myth, legend and folklore for me. Here are some highlights.

1st May

On May Morning, following the rare Black Moon, I walked the Pilgrim’s Way with my family, barefoot across the sands to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

That evening, we created a fantasy version of the island in a game of Wanderhome.

2nd May

A visit to the amazing Barter Books in Alnwick, where I bought two books: Celtic Pilgrimages and Folk Tales of the British Isles, both of which I’m working my way through.

Also that day, our crowdfunding campaign for the third Asexual Fairy Tales was successful. The book will be coming out in October!

5th May

A visit to the new Centre for Folklore, Myth & Magic in Todmorden, with its excellent folklore library. Can’t wait to go back and do some proper research!

11th May

Bought this book (Storyland by Amy Jeffs) which I’ve just finished reading. I highly recommend it. She retells - with notes - all the medieval “origin myths” of these islands. Timely to note that our ancestors pictured their mythical ancestors as coming from Africa and Asia. Also, a bit of a surprise to find a retelling of the tale of St Thenue (aka Teneu, Tannoc, and numerous other spellings) right when I was working on one myself!

14th May

This fairy door arrived from Mr Lumpy & Friends.

And now the month is drawing to a close, exciting things await in June! Look out for the new Asexual Fairy Tales podcast, arriving very soon…


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