Back in Time for Tennis

This isn't my usual sort of post, but I've just seen the BBC are getting through the lack of Wimbledon by showing and discussing matches and tournaments of the past. Wimbledon was a big part of my teenage/young adult life, and I remembered that I wrote a poem about Wimbledon 1992 when I was 18. See if this jogs a memory for anyone else...

Wimbledon '92

Goodbye Connors - foiled again,
Sanchez, Sanchez - back to Spain,
Looks like Lendl really blew it,
Sabatini - can she do it?

Here's the line-up on Court One - 
Strawberries and lots of sun,
Umpire who is there to vex,
Seles making sound effects.

Thirty, fourty. What an ace!
That lob was in the perfect place.
Bops the net judge. Oh, I say!
Wind it back - action replay.

Here comes Britain's hope and glory,
Pray it's not the same old story.
Boris Becker - hearts on hold.
Graf, Agassi - go for gold.

Here are some results for you,
Underdogs are pulling through.
Top seed beaten. Oh, well played!
Over to Virginia Wade.

Thirty, forty. One set all.
Deuce. Advantage. Game. New balls.
This is some Titanic clash.
Ends it with a backhand smash.

Goran Ivanisavan-
Ivanisan- Well, that man,
Playing Edberg, whose shot beckoned
In a milimetre of a second.

Not much going on today,
Sorry folks, but rain stopped play.
Linesmen try to entertain,
Crowds are "Singing in the Rain."

Thirty, forty. Want to bet?
That ball was a foot above the net!
Play's been going for an hour.
Mark Cox talks reducing power.

Past years' champions grace the quarters,
Each one meets a mighty slaughter,
But they're smug and sitting pretty
At the ladies' seed committee.

Gleaming trophies waiting there, 
Duchess with her combed-back hair.
Who will win? It's no surprise.
This year Dan Maskell takes the prize.


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