Thoughts on The Repeal of the 8th

These are my thoughts on the Repeal of the 8th. I don't normally do this sort of thing on the blog, but I felt so helpless in the face of angry, hurtful comments that I had to put something into writing. And as I've written a lot about asexuality and so-called "monstrous births" on here, it didn't seem altogether inappropriate.  

I have no desire to condemn women to illegal abortions. In fact, I have no desire to condemn anyone, full stop. I understand that abortion may be necessary in certain, extreme, circumstances, but there are several things that deeply trouble me. 

1. The unborn have no human rights. In these days when we know more about the life and development of the embryo/foetus than ever before, and when mothers of miscaried babies are asking for death certificates, this seems both hypocritical and backward. I truly think the UN should convene to discuss what rights the unborn ought to have. I don't believe the unborn are the property of the mother any more than the wife is the property of the husband or the children the property of the parents. 

2.  This is of particular concern as regards disability and so-called deformity. In the recent documentary with Sally Philips, it was worrying to discover how many parents would abort in the case of Down's Syndrome. This comes at a time when the visibility and rights of the disabled and those with physical differences are higher than ever. Yes, there may be extreme cases where termination is the kinder option, but this ought to be the rare exception. There should be a consultation with the Disabled community on this topic. 

3.  We ought to be doing everything within our power to eliminate the root causes that can lead to abortion, particularly in the case of rape and "unwanted" pregnancies. The sexual culture, particularly in Britain where I live, is deeply unhealthy. As an asexual, I believe people like me have something to teach the rest of society: it's not a "given" that sex is a rite of passage or essential to a loving relationship. And it's certainly not a right or something to be taken, owed or forced.  I also think there should be more support for mothers and babies, and that this should take place in community. No one should be expected to go through pregnancy, childbirth or child-rearing alone. We need to rediscover community and our mutual responsibility for one another. Basically, we need to love. 

These are my thoughts. I will not read or reply to any comments, as I find that too distressing. I just needed to say what I felt.


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