A Year in Anthologies

Looking back on the year that's almost gone, I've been struck by just how many anthologies my short stories have appeared in this year.  In fact, it's been a bumper crop! I'd like to celebrate with a festive roundup of all my anthology appearances of 2016 (including the title of the short story featured in each). And I've even put up some links, so if you need some last minute Christmas presents, or even somewhere to spend your Christmas money, you know where to look! 

Unstapled Press, March 2016
"The Ice Queen and the Mer-King"

Those Who Live Long Forgotten II
18th Wall Productions, March 2016
"Claire de le Lune"

The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2 
Mother's Milk Books, March 2016

Incandescence Transcendent
Oloris Publishing, September 2016
"The Spirit of the Underground"

Circuits & Slippers
Jaylee James, September 2016
"Fit for Purpose"


On the Day of the Dead and other stories
Black Pear Press, November 2016
"Cromwell and the Fools"


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