Incredible Shadow Machines

I've just spent a magical day at Bradford Industrial Museum, at an art workshop tied in with their current exhibition, Shadow Machines and Singing Paintings by Bradford-born artist, Steve Gumbley.  The day-long workshop had us using found and created objects to make artistic tableaux on a chosen theme.  

The objects were arranged on circular stages, in a way that would cast interesting shadows and tell some kind of story.  Our group chose to combine birdcage ornaments with the cut-out Stuart silhouettes I had made for my birthday masquerade, to create a magical townscape.  Not too different from Angelio, in fact!  (The setting for the historical fantasy trilogy I am currently writing).  

When the tableaux were complete, they were each transferred in turn to a revolving turntable, with a light shining on them.  The effect was truly magical!  Like a Lotte Reiniger movie. 

There was also an additional activity, in which we each made an object to add to Steve's piece in the exhibition on the theme of energy: From Horse Power to Hydrogen Power.  Electric Galloper (shadowgraph machine).  But I must say, I enjoyed the morning activity much more, as it took us into some truly enchanting worlds.  What an amazing way to spend the day, creating our own shadowy fairy tales! 


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