Introducing... Dr Lemuel

A ship's surgeon with a taste for adventure

  • Born: Nottinghamshire, around 1670.  Presently around 37 years of age.
  • Family: a wife and and several children.
  • Occupation: ship's surgeon.
  • Skills: is a skilled and modern physician, not just a simple surgeon.  Also has the ability to take charge of a ship, if needs be.  Skilled in languages, observational drawing, and the rigorous application of logic.
  • Interests: Dr Lemuel is a man of science and learning, who keeps detailed records of his journeys and discoveries.  He collects curiosities, some of which are very unusual indeed!  There is an air of mystery about him and his voyages, which seem fated to take him in strange directions.
  • An enigmatic figure, Dr Lemuel is nevertheless kind and fair, and very much respected by his fellow sailors.  He acts as a mentor figure towards Margaret when she is in need.
Silver Hands - coming 26th April 2013 from Top Hat Books


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