Tales from the Hidden Grove

Tales from the Hidden Grove
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Introducing... Margaret Rosewood

A master-mariner's daughter, looking for her place in the world

  • Born in Hollyport, a shipping town on the English coast, sometime in the winter of 1690.  Presently 16 years old.
  • Family: father, Isaac Rosewood, a master-mariner and ship owner.  Two younger sisters, Susanna (15) and Martha (10).  Mother, Mary Rosewood, is deceased.
  • Current occupation: managing her father's household and business accounts.
  • Skills: arithmetic, languages.
  • Interests: reading, learning new things.
  • An dutiful daughter, who has had to take on her mother's role at home.  Even though she's spent all her life surrounded by ships and sailors, she's never thought of herself as a person to travel or have adventures.  She is quite shy and reserved, but can argue with her sisters. She hates to be intimidated and will resist if forced into something.  Even though she is normally obedient, she will disobey if she feels threatened.